why am i not losing weight

How Do I Lose Weight? 3 Reasons Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Do you often wonder to yourself, why am I not losing weight? Well, first of all you should know that all weight loss programs are not created equally nor do they work equally. Some work very well and others don’t. Therefore if you’re wondering why am I not losing weight here is a list of some of the most effective ways of losing weight fast.

One: Exercise – The key to losing weight is exercising. The more exercise you do the more weight you lose. However it is important to perform the proper types of exercise in conjunction with your weight loss diet and routine.

Two: Diet – The biggest secret to losing weight is changing your diet. It does not matter what type of diet you have always been on. The key to changing your diet is to eat more often and eat smaller amounts of food at meal times. Also make sure to include protein and complex carbs in your diet. The key to effective weight loss is to combine exercise with a diet high in natural, unprocessed foods.

Three: Healthy Lifestyle – Having a good quality life style and having regular exercise is the third key. The healthier you are mentally, emotionally and physically the easier it is for your body to lose weight. The best way to get started is to begin implementing a daily exercise routine as soon as possible. You can purchase an exercise DVD or join a gym for strength training. If you prefer to stay at home then a good way to begin losing weight is to incorporate a good workout routine into your daily schedule. A combination of cardiovascular exercise, muscle building exercises and strength training will help your body begin to burn calories much faster.

Four: Lifestyle Changes – These are the final four reasons why am I not losing weight. I would like to add that these reasons are not in any way important to losing weight. It is what goes on in between all the three main steps that will have the biggest impact on your ability to reduce weight. These four reasons are all about setting and achieving goals, developing new behaviors, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Developing New Habits: By adopting new behaviors such as eating smaller portions, exercising at least once per day, and reducing stress you are teaching your body to learn to consume less and burn more efficiently. These behaviors become the new habits that will be perpetuated after you have lost the weight. You will be surprised at how quickly this changes your metabolism and your appearance. These behaviors are very easy to accomplish by creating daily goals and giving yourself small steps in order to progress.

Developing New Lifestyle: By following a healthy diet and making sure to get some sort of exercise your body will be better equipped to lose weight. The increase in metabolism alone can shave 10 lbs off of your body in a month if you are consistent. You should also consider cutting out alcoholic beverages and foods high in cholesterol since these types of food tend to slow down the process of losing weight.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle: It is also important to keep your body healthy in order to maintain weight loss. This means not only eating healthy but also drinking water regularly and getting enough sleep. One of the keys to losing weight is to make sure that you are always using energy to move. When your body is healthy and moves at a constant rate it is more prone to burn fat than one that is not moving at all.