Want to learn how to increase appetite in an infant? Learn 5 different ways to help your young child want to eat that will end that tired stress and bring you great food! A few minutes before dinner, she took a big deep breath before she screamed, It’s time for dinner! She knew it all too well, and just on cue, about 3 minutes later, her sister shrieked at her, I’m not hungry! The look on her face was one of pure joy, because it was totally unexpected. I asked what happened and she said that she didn’t eat anything all day and that she felt really unwell.

I started by reading her book to find out what she was eating and how much. It turns out she was eating healthy meals but just not the healthy ones. At snack time, she was nibbling on potato chips and pop tarts which are high in calories but not particularly filling. This is common for infants and toddlers who are learning to eat snacks at regular intervals.

We went shopping and she had a meltdown when I said we weren’t going to buy any lunch. I tried explaining that it was busy and that she could have her dinner elsewhere, but she became so distressed that I thought I’d better take her to a different store. She cried and shouted about how hungry she was and how she wished she could go home and eat something nice and warm like chicken or fish. We got her something to eat at her favorite grocery store but after the salesperson saw how hungry she was, he came right out with some juice and a muffin, which her appetite absolutely loved.

We did start taking her to “meals” at the restaurant, but she was only willing to try one or two things there. I think she looked forward to our next visit to the same place because she knew that she would be getting more food there compared to what she was getting at home. She was still not satisfied and still did not want to go home. We never sat her at the dining room table to eat her meals, but rather, sent her to a smaller buffet style table where she could choose from many different meals. The food was still not as fancy as her home-cooked meals, but it was far more filling and she still had the energy to play for quite some time.

Once her toddler daughter was old enough to handle skipping meals, we decided to switch back to feeding her at the dining room table. We still found that she was often very hungry later on in the day. We also discovered that some of the foods she now craved for often became too oily for her to comfortably consume. Therefore, we began taking her to a nutritionist to assist us in teaching her how to increase her appetite so that she would consume more healthily.

The nutritionist taught us that her diet should include lean meats, whole grains, low fat dairy products, fruits, veggies and water. We also discovered that her favorite meals to eat included steak and potatoes, eggs and chicken. Once we got her to eat these types of foods more often, her appetite for junk food diminished. We still allowed her to have her sweet treats every once in awhile, but it was much more limited than before.

How to increase your appetite doesn’t have to consist of boring, fatty foods. By including plenty of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products in your diet, you will feel full for a longer period of time. Your body will also be satisfied with the amount of calories that you are consuming. Your baby won’t get obese if you feed her healthy, nutritious foods. Therefore, snacking is not always the answer when you are trying to trim down.

Snacking can become an important tool in your weight loss program if you combine it with a regular exercise program. When you make snacking a part of your daily routine, you’ll be able to reduce the number of calories that you consume throughout the day. This in turn will enable you to slowly lose some pounds because you will burn off those calories that you didn’t use. If you are having trouble getting your kids to reduce their snacking habits, make sure you’re involving them in your weight loss plan. Make sure they are taking part in the things you are doing so that they will eventually enjoy eating healthy meals instead of junk foods.